Text Box: Since I was a little girl, I have found the American language exciting and adventurous. As an immigrant from a small town in Sicily, I played with my new language as a child would play with gum drops or sour candy. Sometimes rolling the words till I pronounced them correctly and they tasted just right. Writing was a natural progression. I was seven when I first heard English and by the age of ten, I was writing poetry and short stories, imitating Edgar Allen Poe. I fell in love.
I have been writing ever since. There are short stories, poems, books of every genre stored in my file cabinets. They have waited for me to finish my Bachelors degree, my Masters in Arts and my Masters in Science. They have waited for me to teach thousands of students and now my stories want to be heard; they want to live and breathe. Forbidden is the second novel to rise from the ashes. There are many more to come.
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